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carpentryThere are two stages of carpentry; rough carpentry and finish carpentry. Rough carpentry is the construction of the skeletal structures of the walls, doors, windows, and the roof. Finish carpentry takes place only after the rough carpentry is complete and includes the things an owner will see upon the completion of the project. For example, the trim around the windows and doors, baseboard and ceiling trim, and any other fine visual details.






Types of Carpentry

Steal Stud Construction: This is for rough-framing in commercial or residential construction.

Dimensional Lumber: Lumber that is finished/planed and cut to standardized width and depth specified in inches.

Timber Construction: A method of creating structures using heavy timbers jointed by pegged by mortise tenon joints.

Custom and Stock Truss Floor Systems: Engineered structural component assembled from wood members, metal connector plates and other mechanical fasteners. The truss members form a semi-rigid

Structural framework: A building technique based around structural members, usually called studs, which provide a stable frame to which interior and exterior wall coverings are attached, and covered by a roof comprising horizontal ceiling joists and sloping rafters (together forming a truss structure) or manufactured pre-fabricated roof trussesall of which are covered by various sheathing materials to give weather resistance.

Porch Repair: New porch construction and city code violation correction.

Custom Roof Decks: The roof deck is the roofing material layer between the primary structural components (trusses & joists) and either insulated layers or weatherproofing layers in a typical roof system.

Swimming Pool Decks: A deck surrounding an above ground pool or deck adjacent to a built in pool.

Interior Full Service Finish Carpentry: This involves working both on the inside and the outside of the house, and it can include building stairs, installing wood siding, hanging doors and putting in such items as wainscoting, bookcases and mantelpieces.

Exterior Ornamental: Ornamental plants are plants that are grown for decorative purposes in gardens and landscape design projects, as house plants, for cut flowers and specimen display.

Fypon Installations: Fypon urethane products are known for their benefits: Low maintenance, lasting beauty and ease of installation to save you time and money.