5 Easy Steps for an Eco-friendly Workplace

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It can be very overwhelming and time-consuming trying to keep track of your day to day waste – from how much water your building is using, to your electricity usage. The best way to break old habits is to create new ones! Here are some tips on how to get started and sustain an eco-friendly workplace.

1.) Reduce or eliminate your paper usage: This may seem like an obvious one, but even a few sheets of paper a day can add up. If just one person in the office is using 3 sheets a day, in a month’s time that adds up to 93 sheets of paper. A great way to encourage a shift in overuse of paper habits is to encourage your staff to use email or an instant messenger. This way, you will be less likely to lose those important messages and always have a digital copy of notes and emails.

2.) Increase recycling efforts in your office: Encourage your team to bring in a coffee mug that can be used every day, instead of supplying paper cups that are sure to be thrown out at the end of the day. Put plastic recycling bins in your office to encourage proper trash disposal. Consider switching to an air dryer in your bathroom, if you don’t already have one, to cut down on use of paper towels. These easy eco-friendly tips can also save your business more money.

eco-friendly workplace3.) Switch to CFL or LED light bulbs: This is a win, win for you and the planet. With a LED bulb, you conserve more energy. Of course, using natural light when you can is also a great way to cut down on your use of energy and make your office eco-friendly.

4.) Purchase or grow plants to offset volatile organic compounds (VOCS) and CO2 emissions: Don’t have a green thumb? No worries. Be sure to note how much natural light you get on average in your office and how often you are there to water/take care of the plant. Then head to your local nursery and find out what plants will do well for your building. Some examples of low maintenance plants would be a Ficus or a Dracaena.

5.) Switch to non-toxic cleaning products: Switch out that bathroom soap and floor cleaner with an all-natural, eco-friendly substitute. Mrs. Meyers or Seventh Generation are some great options and you can find at your local store, and even sometimes cheaper than your other cleaning supplies.

Incorporating these 5 tips in your office or building can help save money and the planet. Switching habits may be hard at first, but are sure to pay off in the long run! If you need additional information about an eco-friendly workplace, contact Albrite Building at 630.655.9436. Albrite Building is located at 777 Oakmont Lane, Suite #50 in Westmont, Illinois.