5 Spring Home Improvement Projects

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Spring will be here before you know it, so it’s time to put together a list of home improvement projects to do around the house. In the upcoming weeks, you may have a few spring projects from putting the screen windows on your home to fixing the front door or window that may have rotten wood.

Now that it’s getting warmer outside, let’s look at the outside of your house. We’ll start in the front of the house, go around the sides and end with some projects for the backyard.


Home Improvement Project #1 – Front door

A study done by the remodeling industry analyzing return on home improvement projects, and the #1 return on your investment is your front door. It is both a stylish and practical project. Some front doors have insulated cores and are energy efficient.


Home Improvement Project #2 – Basement windows

When you look at rusted or rotted single-pane windows, they are practically begging you to replace them. The most popular types of replacement basement windows these days are glass block windows because they are cost-effective can be sized to any size opening and are not difficult to install.


Home Improvement Project #3 – Side or garage door

While the front door gets all the visual attention – the side or garage door might be the practical door of your home. In many cases, this door is used more than the front door. You may want to consider getting a durable, steel door to take this daily usage. If you want to get fancy, steel doors can have wood grain textures or fancy glass – or just stay with a standard 6-panel door without a window for added security.


Home Improvement Project #4 – Garage

Your garage (and the basement) is usually the dumping ground for everything in the house. The garage is home for your tools, holiday decorations, and outdoor sporting equipment. Some people have so much clutter that they can no longer use the garage for their cars.

Take a weekend and pull everything out. Then put make piles of things you don’t use, and don’t need. Get rid of those things. Consider some basic cabinetry in the garage to help organize things. Or an overhead storage area for larger items. Lastly, install a pegboard on the side to hang up bikes and yard tools.

Spring Home Improvement Projects

Home Improvement Project #5 – Patio fire pit

With spring upon us, summer fun is not far behind. Another spring home improvement project is to create an outdoor space in your backyard. A fire pit in your backyard is HOT, HOT, HOT! And why not – it provides a place to hang with friends and family!


Spring is a wonderful time of year to get outside and literally smell the flowers. We listed 5 spring home improvement projects that you can consider. Some projects may be too big, and you may need to hire a company.

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