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There’s no right or wrong way to decorate for the holidays, but having a few holiday decorating tips will bring you comfort and joy while you decorate your home or office. Discover how to deck their halls for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.


Set a Budget and Consider Your Time

You can’t do everything so make a plan that will suit your budget and time. You don’t want to feel overwhelmed or not prepared, while you decorate your winter wonderland. Inexpensive ornaments from a discount store can look festive when grouped together. Don’t forget the cookies and music to get in the holiday spirit.


Holiday Decorating TipDecorate Throughout the Home or Office

Decorate throughout the home or office. But if there are too many decorations it can distract from your special pieces. Simple decor in all the rooms can make a big impression, especially when you’re entertaining.


Stick to a Color Combination

Some families celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah. You can choose a different theme every year. Add a thread of blue lights throughout the house with snowflakes dangling from the windows. Or white Italian lights on the tree and garland with glass ornaments and red. The possibilities are endless.


Involve the Family or Coworkers with the Holiday Decorating

Don’t take on the holiday decorating duties all by yourself. The holidays are about making memories and the more involved everyone is the more memorable and joyous this time will be. Let the kids decorate their rooms, your coworkers decorate their workstations or let everyone help decorate the tree.


Alexa, Turn on the Lights

Buy plug-in dimmers for all your lamps. They are inexpensive and easy to install. They bring instant ambiance to any room. Dim the lamps and light up the tree. Alexa and Google are great devices to use to set timers for your Christmas tree lights, wreaths, and other lights throughout the office or home. Alexa, turn on the Christmas tree.


Seasonal Scents

Smell plays an important part of the season. Nothing gets that feeling going quicker than a bowl of clove pierced oranges or mulled wine with cinnamon. You can also hang cinnamon sticks in the tree or place them in a bowl. The smell of cookies baking will put anyone in the holiday mood. Even if you can’t bake, slice up pre-made cookie dough and stick it in the oven.


Plan for the Unexpected Holiday Decorating

If you have a lot of people coming in and out for your home for the holidays, fill a large bowl or decorative box with simple, inexpensive, individually wrapped gifts. Give yourself a dollar amount limit for each gift and go to town. Your unexpected party guest will be thrilled to receive a unique gift from you. You can also bake cookies and place them in a bag with a beautiful holiday bow.


Have fun decorating and enjoy the holiday season!