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Holiday parties can be a memorable celebration for most companies. You create an experience that not only boosts company morale but also increases employee satisfaction. There are several things to consider when planning your party, and the price is always a factor. Companies with a small staff and a small budget can still host a memorable holiday party that packs big fun.

Start with the Basics for Your Holiday Party

Holiday Party Planning for Your BusinessWhen planning your holiday party, start with the basics. You need to create a plan with details for the employee holiday party. Theme, venue, time, date, guest count, food and beverages, decor, and agenda must all be considered before you begin to plan your event.

• Do you want a theme for your holiday party?
• Should we decorate the office or venue?
• Where should you have your party?
• How many people are attending?
• Are spouses or significant others invited?
• When should you have the party – weekday, night or weekend?
• What food and drinks will be served?

Every good party needs these elements to be successful, but not everything has to be set in stone before you begin locking in the details (like securing a venue or booking a caterer). Although there are many ways to approach these decisions, it’s best to work with a team to decide which details are right for your company. Gather employees to decorate the office. As coworkers get together to decorate and plan, the company holiday party turns into a few days of fun.


Choose a Time to Hold Your Event

Did you know that the best time to hold an employee holiday party is probably during the lunch hour? Holiday party data shows a growing trend in this direction. Nearly half of the events in the past years took place during the lunch hour. A holiday party that takes place during the lunch-hour reduces costs and obligations on employees’ personal time.

If you do decide to go with an evening event, you’ll have to consider which night is best. While some may think that Friday is a good choice, it’s also the most popular day of the week at restaurants and the most expensive time. Monday nights are usually the slowest night at restaurants.


Create a Holiday Party Menu

When it comes to the menu for your holiday party, there are ways to save money while still providing a delicious meal. Plated meals are often more cost-effective than buffets. Select modest food items and consider fresh fruit for centerpieces. Limit alcohol to wine and beer. Or host the event at a venue that has holiday decorations and modest food prices to cut costs.


Do you Want a Gift Exchange?

Many companies have a gift exchange between employees at their holiday parties. It’s a good idea to put a price cap on the gifts—perhaps $10 or $25—to avoid issues associated with gift pricing.

Another idea for a gift exchange is to have a white elephant gift. It’s amusing and fun! A white elephant gift exchange entertains party-goers rather than to gain a genuinely valuable or highly sought-after item.


Have You Considered Hosting Your Party Off-Season?

Instead of having the annual holiday party in December, why not consider another month? January is a great time to hold an annual celebration and kick off the New Year. Off-site venues are more available, and you can save money on catering expenses.


There is much to consider when hosting a party. We hope these tips help you with your holiday celebration. The staff at Albrite Building would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.