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Are you looking for a home renovations and remodeling company? Any renovation project regardless of the size can be overwhelming. Whether it is a kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, or a laundry room remodeling project. Albrite Building can assure you that your job will be done precisely, efficiently, and exactly how you envisioned it.


Kitchen Renovations

Home Renovations - KitchenKitchen Cabinets
Did you know that more than 40 percent of homeowners choose white cabinets when renovating their kitchen? While white is still the top choice for cabinet color, no two whites are created equal. Many paint companies offer over 100 shades of white paints.

Some homeowners are moving away from the bright whites and selecting an off-white. Creamy, off-white cabinets with other warm finishes like wood and a blue-gray tile create a calm and serene feel that works well with transitional and farmhouse-inspired kitchen styles.

Kitchen Tile
Backsplash tile is nothing new with kitchen renovations. Colorful geometric patterns are being used in a lot of kitchens, but there has been an interest in taking the tile from the countertop to ceiling. It creates a striking feature wall. It’s also a relatively cost-effective way to achieve a stunning effect.

Quartz countertops were the most popular countertop material in 2018 following a three-year decline in granite, according to Houzz research. The natural stone and resin material is very durable and can have the look of a more expensive material like marble and slate.


Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom RenovationsBathrooms can often look and feel cold with all that tile, glass and metal. Wood vanities help bring a large dose of warmth. And while wooden vanities aren’t new, what’s catching on is a turn away from dark stained and lacquered vanities to light wood with clear stains.

Many homeowners struggle over whether to keep a bathtub when remodeling their bathroom. It’s a no-brainer for those who enjoy taking baths. If you have the room, it’s worth considering putting a freestanding tub. Most people don’t use their bathtub every day, so keeping it out of the more frequent daily path from the shower to vanity makes sense.

Floating a vanity frees up floor space to give the appearance of more room and makes cleaning the floor easier than vanities with legs that can trap dust.
Tile is an affordable material that adds design to a bathroom and ordering a few extra square feet of tile likely won’t sink the budget. That’s why many homeowners are choosing to wrap the tub and shower in tile or another material.


Laundry Room Renovations

Wouldn’t it be nice to make your laundry room a more enjoyable space to be in? After all, some families are in the laundry room daily and you might as well have a pleasant atmosphere. Why not add cabinets and countertops, energizing colors and patterns to transform the room into an enjoyable, functional, cheerful place?

Storage can be a problem for some homeowners. Many and now adding closets and cabinets with a countertop to help with their daily chore.


Everyone knows that a painted exterior front door offers great curb appeal, but have you ever thought about painting the interior front door? There are so many home renovations that can be made.

If you are looking to make renovations to your home, contact Albrite Building today. Our design team and construction crew can assist you will all your remodeling needs. Call 630.655.9436 or contact us by email for a free estimate. Albrite Building is located at 777 Oakmont Lane, Suite #50, Westmont, Illinois 60559.