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These interior design apps help you brainstorm, budget, and plan your next renovation or room design for the home or office. Use technology to get creative with your next interior design project.
Renovating your home, office, or even building a new addition, is best done with some planning. Fortunately, plenty of apps are available for your smartphone or tablet to help with the design, planning, professional consultation and even buying stages of freshening up space.

interior design appsHouzz has a great reputation for helping people plan for home remodeling and design, as well as providing access to a network of professionals and home decor products. The Houzz app offers access to your saved idea books and 3D virtual room staging. App users can also participate in discussions with other users and professionals to share photos of their own projects, advice, and experience.

HomeAdvisor app helps with planning a kitchen renovation or plumping problems offering an in-depth analysis of project scope and cost. You can store plans and contractor information for your project in the app. They also have professionals listed and their customer ratings.

Magicplan offers a user-friendly experience for floor plans. This app allows you to create floor plans based on your existing home or room, or you can create one for a future space. Your planning can get more detailed and realistic by including plans for electrical outlets, flooring types, appliances, and other items. The app even allows you to import existing floor plans from elsewhere to use as a template or recreate an existing floor plan for future renovations. Once you’ve created a complete plan, you can export the floor plan as a PDF and get a 3D model of the plan via email.

Project Color by Home Depot app will help you make decisions when it comes to painting walls, trim, and other parts of your house. The app allows users to explore color swatches as well as preview paints and color combinations in their own room by snapping a photo. If you see a building, plant, or even fabric color you think would work well in your home, take a photo through the app to find the closest color option sold by Home Depot. You can order paint samples with free delivery, or buy paint for in-store pickup through the app.

The Wayfair app allows you to benefit by planning what will fit best in your home while also shopping for the 18 million products they offer. The app includes a 3D room view, where you can recreate a virtual version of the room you’re looking to furnish, complete with floor and paint customization. Plus, you can order directly through the app and track packages as you wait for them to arrive at home.

DecorMatters app helps with decorating challenges, room inspiration, and shopping options. When you want to design a space, start with a template for a virtual space or even use your camera to capture the room you’re in and try out furniture with augmented reality. The app does have a monthly subscription if you want to take advantage of challenges and templates more frequently.

With the Design Home app, you can tackle several design challenges. All items you put to use are real, with brand and pricing information available. To complete a challenge, the app gives you a fake budget to spend on decor, and you can earn play money for completing a challenge.

Download one or two of these apps to help you plan your next home or office design project. Albrite Building can assist you with all your home or office remodeling needs. We are located in Westmont, Illinois, and offer many contracting services including commercial remodeling, home remodeling, office remodeling, new construction, and custom home building in and around the Chicago area.