Safety Tips for Office Holiday Decorating

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It’s been shown that decorating your office during the holidays puts your employees and customers in a better mood. Office holiday decorating with lights, a Christmas tree and wreaths, can add to the holiday spirit. However, if the lights are not used properly, they can create a safety hazard or even cause a fire.

Lights for Your Office Holiday Decorating

Follow these safety tips for your office holiday decorating to ensure the lights and decorations are installed correctly:

Your holiday lights should be approved by Underwriters Laboratory. “UL” will be marked on the tag. It signifies the lights were inspected for potential safety hazards. If you are decorating the inside of your office, look for lights that have a red UL mark. This indicates the lights are safe for indoor and outdoor usage. A green UL mark indicates the lights are only safe for indoor use.

office holiday decorating

Check the lights for frayed wires or cracks. Make sure a bulb in each socket. Remove and replace damaged lights.

Do not use thumbtacks or nails in the electrical cord when hanging Christmas lights. Instead, use clips to attach lights in your office. The lights should not touch furniture or carpeting in your office.

Consider using a timer or turn off lights at night when your business is closed.

Prevent tripping by placing cords and decorations in low-traffic areas where they won’t be walked on.

Use heavy-duty extension cords. Avoid overloading extension cords by using no more than three sets of standard lights per cord.

By taking the proper precautions, you can prevent hazards and focus on your customers and employees during the holiday season. Don’t forget to periodically check the lights and decorations throughout the season to ensure they continue to operate safely.

The staff at Albrite Building looks forward to decorating our office during the holidays. We hope to share photos of our office decorations on our Facebook and Instagram pages.