Nine Ways to Stay Calm and Cool During Summer Home Remodeling

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Summer home remodeling can be overwhelming and stressful. The many factors that go into projects could easily drown you if you’re not prepared. Here are a few tips to make you ready for the process of summer home remodeling.

1. Come to a decision on what you would want to keep. Decide on what you would want to keep, really take a day to look through all of your cabinets, storage, and so on. The last thing you would want to happen is to delay the home remodeling process.

home remodeling during the summer2. Make room for the building contractors. In efforts to make the contractor’s job easier, move your car so they can have better and closer access to your home.

3. Brace neighboring rooms. Be sure to remove anything valuable, as the rooms surrounding the project could easily be triggered. For example, the drilling and repair work could activate items in the other room, ultimately causing damage.

4. Create separate entrances. Create an entryway for your family, then go on to create a separate entrance for the workers. This will make their job easier as well as free up potential interruptions. Also, clear up materials that could slow down the process like toys, garage equipment, and any other hazards.

5. Reduce the growth of dust. Completely preventing dust from being present could be impossible, but minimizing it can easily be accomplished. A great way to slow down the dust build up is to replace your HVAC filters during the renovation process, and after completing the project as well. You can also deal off open doorways with plastic sheeting and blue painters tape; be sure to keep all interiors doors closed as well.

6. Relocate your kitchen, until the job is done. This only applies to those who plan on remodeling their kitchen. Search for a convenient space in your home, then set up your cooking equipment.

7. Secure your kids and pets. Naturally, most kids are curious, prevent them from entering work areas as it is far from kid-friendly. Dust, noises, and new faces can trigger your dog, so keep them away from the project as well.

8. Leave your home. Occasionally, you would have to leave your home due to the strong odor of paint. Schedule a time (preferably) over the weekend, to get out and explore your city/town or hang out with friends.

9. Be ready for emergencies. Unexpected accidents happen, all the time. You should prepare yourself for them, create a plan of that’ll help keep you and your family safe. If ever a fire arises due to the renovation, be sure to immediately call 911. It would be wise to give your contractor a ring as well.

Renovating a home should be fun! Not stressful. Apply these tips, and your project will flow smoothly.

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