Smart Office Technologies for Office Buildings

We live in a world where businesses can turn on lights, lock and unlock doors, and adjust the temperature, from anywhere. Smart office automation systems have gained popularity due to the overwhelming success of computer-to-computer communication. As smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices continue to advance each year, we now have access to smart technologies that were once reserved for the elite. Smart technologies can be wired into the structure of an office building with a central control panel. They can also be added through external devices like electronic plug adaptors or standalone sensors. These automation systems create smart offices, connected over wireless networks and linked directly to a mobile device allowing users to control smart devices from an app. The smart office users benefit from added security, comfort, energy…
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What Makes a Smart House?

Albrite Building Services
The term 'Smart House' has changed throughout the years, remember The Jetsons? In reality, a smart house is one that provides appliances, entertainment and security systems that are capable of communicating with one another and can be on a set schedule or be controlled when you aren't physically in the house. Most homes do not have these appliances and systems built into them, which gives the home or business owner full access to customize as they please. Smart House Systems These smart systems are just a few that have been taking the smart house market by storm. These devices are made to assist with playing music, recording your favorite show, turn lights on and off, or even helping you make phone calls without even pushing a button. Recently, Amazon's Alexa…
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