What Makes a Smart House?

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The term ‘Smart House’ has changed throughout the years, remember The Jetsons? In reality, a smart house is one that provides appliances, entertainment and security systems that are capable of communicating with one another and can be on a set schedule or be controlled when you aren’t physically in the house. Most homes do not have these appliances and systems built into them, which gives the home or business owner full access to customize as they please.
Smart House

Smart House Systems

These smart systems are just a few that have been taking the smart house market by storm. These devices are made to assist with playing music, recording your favorite show, turn lights on and off, or even helping you make phone calls without even pushing a button. Recently, Amazon’s Alexa has actually been shown to help turn on and off your shower, saving your time and energy and let’s face it, manpower. Alexa can wake you up to your favorite song in the morning, create a shopping list and she can even call 911 for an emergency. These systems can also be very helpful when you don’t have an extra hand to spare!

Security Systems for a Smart Home

Smart homes are extremely useful but could leave a dent in your bank account. Security systems in smart homes go way beyond the traditional alarm systems. Currently, on the market there are systems that can keep track of who is in your home, locking your doors when you leave and can even control lighting. Systems now can be connected to your smartphone and alert you when motion is detected or if your door is being opened. Systems like this average at about $120, depending on what features are a priority for you.

Eco-Friendly Smart House

For a home to be eco-friendly there are different components that it can have. Such as green roofs, which are filled with actual plants and help insulate the house. SmartStrand carpet can also be put in, which its main ingredient is corn, and is spun into a SmartStrand fiber and made to look like a regular carpet! Even adding eco-friendly doors and windows that actually block out noise better in comparison to other models.

In terms of energy efficiency, a smart thermostat is a must. A smart thermostat will adjust heating and cooling accordingly and reduce energy consumption when the homeowner is away. Do you have an irrigation system at your home? Did you know there are even smart irrigation systems? A smart irrigation system adjusts the watering to the amount of light and soil conditions, and responds to the local weather forecast, even before it rains. These systems can save nearly 40 percent on water usage.


These are just a few ways you can turn your home or business, into a “smart house”. Every year there are new products that are added to the housing market to beef up technology in your home. If you are interested in a smart home or a smart office, contact Albrite Building at 630.655.9436. We can show you how to turn an average home or office into a smart home or office.