The Latest Office Renovations for COVID-19

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During these trying times, many companies are making renovations to their offices to help keep employees safe and healthy. There are key features to consider for your office renovation during COVID-19.

The coronavirus pandemic forced many businesses to shut down, some permanently. While some employees are working remotely from home, others are working in the office. Companies are considering office renovations in the time of COVID-19 to help mitigate the spread of the virus. They have a responsibility to protect their employees and comply with OSHA standards. When one employee tests positive for COVID-19, the entire office building is immediately put in jeopardy.

Here is a list of the most essential features to consider for office renovations during COVID-19:


Temperature Check or Thermal Screening

A handheld infrared thermometer and thermal screening can detect fevers, but it does not identify COVID-19. According to the World Health Organization, fever is not always a reliable indicator. Patients in the early stages of the disease may not exhibit fever as a symptom.


Sanitizer Stations

One way to combat the spread of all viruses and protect yourself from illness is to practice proper hygiene. As offices see a lot of person-to-person contacts, it is imperative to place alcohol-based hand sanitizer stations everywhere. Make sure to install these sanitizer dispensers in areas that experience a high volume of traffic. This includes lobbies, elevators, hallways, and even at every doorway.


Move Workstations Further Apart

Distance plays a big role in the containment of COVID-19, especially in offices where employees tend to work in close proximity to one another. Workplaces have changed a lot over the past decade, with cubicle-heavy offices shifting to a more open plan.

Now, it is much better to employ a sizable distance between workstations. Consider installing cubicles with dividers high enough to block the trajectory of respiratory droplets. It is equally important not to place cubicle pods near each other as that would defeat the purpose.


Office Renovations for COVID-19Install Plexiglass Shields – Sneeze Guards

Sneeze guards provide a barrier of protection between people so that droplets don’t transfer. Place the shields on office desks, reception area, kitchen/cafeteria, and meeting rooms.

There are many kinds of sneeze guards available for the office — from portable ones to more permanent fixtures. They are affordable and easy to clean. You can have them professionally installed or buy ones you can assemble yourself.


Increase Ventilation in the Office

Offices must also ensure proper ventilation to limit the spread of COVID-19, particularly for workplaces with a medium to high risk of exposure. You can increase ventilation through natural or artificial means. Offices must have fresh and clean air at all times, ideally without re-circulation. Make it a part of your office renovation during COVID-19 to increase the ventilation rate in your workplace. Additionally, make sure to clean the air filters on a regular basis.


Office Renovations Investment

These are some features to include in your office renovation during COVID-19. Companies should consider these changes as an investment as well as a way to protect both your business and your workers.

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