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General Contractors and builders have to keep up with the latest trends in the construction industry in order to stay ahead of the competition. In 2019, construction companies and builders are more inclined towards integrating new technologies into their construction projects in order to transform their operations. Incorporating the latest industry trends and technologies enables Albrite Building and others to excel in their work. Here are some of the latest construction trends transforming the ways in which projects are planned, designed, and executed.


Green construction - Construction IndustryGreen Construction

Green construction is rising in 2019. Its purpose is to build environmentally friendly and resource-efficient projects that involve every aspect of construction from planning and design to execution, demolition, and cleanup. Green construction practices greatly benefit the environment, as 20 percent of global emissions are caused by the construction industry.


Modular Construction

Modular construction and prefabricated facilities enable projects to be completed 30 to 50 percent quicker than traditional construction. As modular homes are constructed off-site, the impact on the landscape is reduced as their components are built-in factory environments. Moreover, modular construction is beneficial as material waste and weather delays are reduced, and they can be easily disassembled and relocated for other uses. They are easier, cheaper, and quicker to build as workers are familiar with the assembly methods.

In 2019, modular and prefabricated construction is increasingly being used for commercial purposes and gaining more popularity and followers in the real estate industry. 


Construction Management

Over the last few years, construction management software has improved steadily. More affordable packages are available that offer combinations of software for estimating and bidding, project design and management, scheduling, changing orders, billing, accounting, managing workforce, monitoring inventory, and much more.

In 2019, more companies, both large and small, are utilizing integrated software solutions for construction management and operational efficiency. 


Sustainable Construction

Sustainability refers to a broader policy of using business models, resources, and methods that are favorable to this planet. It’s similar to green building, which focuses on reducing the carbon footprint of construction projects. But the goals of sustainable construction practices are broader than green construction, including the efficient use of resources, preservation of the natural environment, and promoting social progress. This includes making use of recycled building materials for construction projects. Consumers require that construction companies accommodate this trend in 2019.


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