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If you live and work in the Chicago area, you are very familiar with winter storms. While the storm may have provided an opportunity to sit by the fire and enjoy a warm drink, it also closes schools and grounds flights. Winter storms can force many small and medium businesses to close temporarily.

According to AccuWeather, winter storms throughout 2019 cost the nation over $8 billion in lost revenue, wages, taxes, and more. Some business owners even lost their businesses. Take note of the winter storm preparation tips for businesses in this blog.


Assess Your Winter Storm Threats

While snowfall is the most significant threat facing some businesses, others need to worry about power outages and pipes freezing. How do you know which winter weather hits you need to worry about? Assess your threats.

Start by examining this list of threats:
• Road closures
• Car accidents
• Freezing rain
• Frostbite and hypothermia
• Snowfall on your roof or property
• Structural damage from the wind, snow, or water
• Slip and fall injuries
• Power outages
• Water in pipes freezing
• Electrical fires caused by winter storm damage


Prepare for the Winter

Mitigating threats in advance is the best way to keep your business going during a crisis, as the more prepared you are, the better your response will be.

To prepare for disaster, make sure you develop an evaluation plan and take practical disaster-planning steps:
• Keeping blankets and sleeping bags on hand for warmth during a power outage
• Stocking a supply of food and water
• Purchasing torches, a first aid kit, and a snow shovel
• Preparing financially for a disaster

Additionally, you should also maintain your buildings to keep them secure. This means:
• Checking roofing and pipes
• Adding pipe insulation to prevent frozen pipes
• Testing lighting, HVAC systems, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors

Winter snow removal


Equip your Staff with Winter Tools

You won’t have time to rush to the store and buy supplies during a winter storm, you need to buy the right tools before disaster strikes.

These tools include:
• Safety equipment (lighting, a portable generator, a space heater, and a fire extinguisher)
• A winter emergency kit
• Anything you need to dig your building out of snow
• Anything you need to keep your electronics safe
• A radio so you know when a winter storm warning is issued

To keep your business safe from winter storms, make sure you assess potential threats in advance, prepare your locations for disaster, prepare your team, document your inventory, check your insurance coverage, and plan for clean-up.


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