Securing your Home and Business During a Tornado

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After the recent destruction from Hurricane Irma, we would like to provide a few tips about securing your home and business during a tornado. Tornadoes can be more destructive to homes and businesses than hurricanes, with wind speeds reaching 200 to 250 miles per hour.

Securing your Home and Business During a TornadoTips for Homeowners and Businesses During a Tornado

Secure your doors. Make sure that the entry door to your house or business has a two-inch deadbolt lock and hinges with screws long enough to secure the door to the wall framing. The framing is the most critical element and it has to be anchored well. You may have a wind resistant steel door, but the frame could be the weakest point. If something heavy hits the door, it could pull away from the frame.

Install impact-resistant windows. The best protection for a new house or office building is to install impact-resistant windows. They are more expensive, but they can provide better protection. Do NOT open your windows during a tornado. The inside of your house or office building becomes pressurized. It’s like blowing up a balloon until it pops. The air pushes off the roof or a wall and can cause your house or building to collapse.

Install wind-resistant roof structures. The roofing should be rated to resist high winds. Roofing on a home is attached with roofing nails inserted at an angle, but the roof can come right off. You could ask your builder about attaching roof clips. They create a stronger connection between the roof and the house. They help maintain roof integrity in tornado prone areas. All materials should be wind-rated and impact resistant.

Protect important documents. Many people and businesses store documents in the cloud, but not everything can be stored in the cloud. Consider storing your important papers and valuable possessions in a fire-proof safe or safety deposit box. For the best protection, bolt the safe to the floor of an interior room.

Prepare your home or business shelter. If you live in a tornado-prone area, stock your home or business with essential items such as a battery-powered radio, flashlight, batteries, water and snack food like energy bars. Be sure you have cash. ATMs and credit card machines may not work, especially if there is a power failure after the tornado.

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