Winter Storm Preparations for Every Business

If you live and work in the Chicago area, you are very familiar with winter storms. While the storm may have provided an opportunity to sit by the fire and enjoy a warm drink, it also closes schools and grounds flights. Winter storms can force many small and medium businesses to close temporarily. According to AccuWeather, winter storms throughout 2019 cost the nation over $8 billion in lost revenue, wages, taxes, and more. Some business owners even lost their businesses. Take note of the winter storm preparation tips for businesses in this blog.   Assess Your Winter Storm Threats While snowfall is the most significant threat facing some businesses, others need to worry about power outages and pipes freezing. How do you know which winter weather hits you need to…
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Commercial Office Space Renovations in DuPage County

Commercial office space in DuPage County comes in all shapes and sizes. They get outdated, and they start lacking the capabilities that a growing company needs. Renovating an existing office is a great way to make the most of your space, and can be an incredible perk for your employees, even increasing productivity.   Ask Your Employees about Office Renovations During any office renovation, communicating with employees helps to mitigate decreased productivity. Ask them questions about the current workspace. What changes would you make? Do they have enough privacy? You probably will find that your employees have some great ideas. Consider working some of their ideas into your office remodeling if feasible. What are Your Commercial Office Space Renovation Goals? You should start by determining your renovation goals. Do you…
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Home Improvement Projects for Spring 2022

Most homes sustain a few problems during the winter months and spring is the perfect time to schedule your home improvement projects.  Albrite Building is a General Contractor company located in Westmont, Illinois. We specialize in specially selected residential projects. In addition to general contracting work, we also provide design and build services to meet our client’s specific needs.   Repair Winter Damage Don’t wait long to address a leaking roof or damp basement. Water damage can cause mold and rot. Roofs require regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that your home remains safe, stable, and comfortable. Look for trouble spots on the roof. You can also look in the attic with a flashlight to check for signs of moisture. If you need to repair or replace your roof or…
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