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Commercial office space in DuPage County comes in all shapes and sizes. They get outdated, and they start lacking the capabilities that a growing company needs. Renovating an existing office is a great way to make the most of your space, and can be an incredible perk for your employees, even increasing productivity.


Ask Your Employees about Office Renovations

During any office renovation, communicating with employees helps to mitigate decreased productivity. Ask them questions about the current workspace. What changes would you make? Do they have enough privacy? You probably will find that your employees have some great ideas. Consider working some of their ideas into your office remodeling if feasible.

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What are Your Commercial Office Space Renovation Goals?

You should start by determining your renovation goals. Do you need more workable space, or are you trying to make your office ergonomic-friendly for employees?

Determining your goals will help you make more informed decisions, and will save you time and money.


Choose a Contractor and ask for Office Remodeling Advice

Now that you have spoken with your employees and you know your goals, you’ll want to discuss the concepts with your contractor. And be sure to ask the contractor for advice too. A contractor has seen it all and will have expert advice to help with the project.

They can help you with renovation ideas for your workspace. Should you have an open space with cubicles or individual rooms for your employees? Carpeting or vinyl flooring? What type of lighting is best? Do you need a lunch area for the staff? These are all questions that you need to know so you can get a bid for the project.

Do you want a brighter office setting? A contractor will know ways to enhance the natural lighting or make improvements to your existing office lights.

Do you need to improve the noise level in the office? Your contractor might advise on solutions that help to dampen noise.


Consider the Cost of Materials

A nice carpet might look good in the beginning, but you need to balance aesthetics with functionality, especially in areas that get lots of foot traffic. The wool carpet might be more expensive but is more environmentally friendly and will be more resistant to foot traffic over time.

Or you may want vinyl tile where you get the most foot traffic and only carpet the private office spaces and conference room. This is another item to discuss with your contractor.


Plan for Work Disruptions During Office Space Renovations

Since the pandemic began, working remotely has become a much more common part of our lives, but if you have staff working in the office, you will need to plan to either have them work from home or plan for work disruptions during construction.

Depending on your industry, you may have an off-season that you can plan around when work isn’t as busy. Otherwise, you will need to make concessions to remodel your space without interrupting your work too much.

Renovating commercial office space can help turn a generic office into the space of your dreams. There are many steps to consider, but with a good construction team and plan, you can ensure that your renovation project will be completed on time and on a designated budget without causing too much disruption.

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