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While no one disagrees that the workplace has undergone changes, it is not quite clear how to understand the shifts and plan for the coming year. Businesses need to understand that the reason their employees come into the office has changed. They are re-evaluating their workplace office design. Creativity and productivity thrive when employees are comfortable in their space.

Businesses are evaluating their workplace office design to fit the needs of their employee’s requests. While some businesses require staff to work in the office, others are allowing staff to have complete flexibility. However, different strategies have different effects on space needs.

It used to be that the office was the place to get work done, well that dynamic has changed. Remote work allows staff time at home to accomplish an individual’s tasks. However, creativity, collaboration, and productivity thrive when employees are comfortable in their space. Companies that understand and embrace this new dynamic will have an opportunity to attract and retain top talent.

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Office Design Flexibility

Companies need to allow for flexibility. They should provide workspaces that can be assigned for one person or shared spaces. Since offices are competing with the home office, they need to be worth the drive. Good ergonomic equipment, wellness spaces, and high-quality video conferencing are the bare minimum that workers have come to expect.

Office Space with Color

Studies show that color affects human emotions and behaviors. It can influence states of mind as well as actions. So, think strategically about color and how you want to affect your staff. Bolder colors create excitement, while calmer tones bring a more serene environment. It may be best to choose colors for your company’s brand.

Meeting Space

Today, businesses must improve the hybrid meeting experience. The traditional rectangular conference room doesn’t work as well in the hybrid world, where any given meeting might contain both in-person and remote participants. Table design, cameras, acoustics, and lighting all need to be considered as part of both the remote and in-person experience.

Add Natural Lighting

It’s not always possible to use natural lighting, but if you can, you should. People love natural light and outdoor views. Studies show that natural light in the workplace makes employees feel rested and more positive.

You can use smart glass panels. They can adjust from transparent to opaque. This allows natural light to brighten an office space. You can also use reflective surfaces to maximize the impact of your natural light. Gloss finishes, mirrors, and lighter colors all boost light.

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Sometimes, no one knows how to design and utilize an office space. Knowing in advance how you want your space to function can help you make the right design choices. A group of tables and chairs does not always make a welcoming space. The office design should support both working and socializing areas. If your company is looking to remodel your office space, contact Albrite Building at 630.655.9436. We can provide you with a free estimate. Simply, complete the estimate form and a representative will contact you. Albrite Building is located at 777 Oakmont Lane, Suite 50, Westmont, Illinois 60559