Is it a Good Investment to Add a New Deck to My Home?

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We are always asked by homeowners What is going to give me the best value for my investment? When a new deck is one of the projects you’re considering, the investment you make will be well worth it.

Having a new deck built for your home is more than just a nice idea. It’s a high-value project that you’ll see pay off from the moment it is built and you can enjoy it, and down the road when you decide to sell your home.

Is it a Good Investment to Add a New Deck to My Home

How a Deck Increases Your Home’s Value

Ready to boost your home’s value? Getting a new deck can provide a significant return on your investment over time. Here’s why.

Installing a New Deck Is Affordable. When compared to other common renovations like an updated bathroom, revamped kitchen, or bedroom addition, adding a deck is typically less pricey.

Your Home is Easier to Sell. Homes with decks sell faster than those that don’t have a deck, according to the National Association of Realtors. You can also set a higher asking price because your home will attract more buyers.

Great Return on Investment. Home buyers appreciate outdoor living areas, and that means you can count on a deck as a great choice for a remodeling project that pays off in the long run. As a general rule, when you build a deck, you can usually count on getting up anywhere from 70-105% of your investment back.

A Deck Gives You More Square Footage A deck creates more room for you and your family to enjoy your home. If you include features such as an outdoor sink, built-in grill, and other amenities, the space becomes even more useful for outdoor living which extends the usability of your home. You can even install a roof or awning to create shade that gives you a place you can’t wait to use throughout the warmer seasons.


How to Get the Most Value Out of Your New Deck

To ensure you truly get the most value out of your new deck, you’ll want to do the following:
1. Consider the features you want and the enjoyment you’ll get from them. If a built-in grill will please you, then it may be worth installing right from the start.
2. Factor in your neighborhood’s overall vibe. If you’re aiming specifically to increase sales value, make sure the deck’s style fits what sells well where your home is located.
3. Choose a skilled deck builder. A poorly built deck is almost worse than no deck at all. Invest in a professional contractor who knows decks inside-out and can design and build a solid, lasting deck that retains its value over time.

Now that you know how much a deck can benefit you, your family, and your guests, why not start planning yours today? Our team at Albrite Building are experts at crafting backyard decks that add value to your home. We listen to your goals and create the perfect outdoor space to complement your home all summer long.

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