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If you have a small kitchen, it can be difficult to keep clutter away. Adding additional storage space will help with detailed planning. If you live in a condo or a small home with limited kitchen space, these kitchen remodeling tips can help you add additional storage space.

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Add a Small Island in Your Kitchen

A small island can make your kitchen more efficient and better organized. It’s not only a place to prepare food the island can also function as a storage area. Drawers, cabinets, and shelves can be added in the center or on the ends of the island. You can also add a wine cooler or mini refrigerator.

A portable kitchen island (one with wheels) gives you plenty of versatility as you can move it around as needed.

Tall and Thin Shelving Storage

In a small kitchen, one of the best ways to utilize a small space is with vertical shelving. This allows you to have several shelves to keep a variety of items.

You can also add open shelves or pegboards. These give your kitchen a contemporary look while making it look spacious. They’re also an easy way to add space to store or organize kitchen items, such as pots and pans.

Having a pull-out ladder helps with vertical and open shelving. The ladder makes it easy to find things you need on the shelves.

Consider Replacing Cabinets with Drawers

Instead of using all cabinets, consider more drawers. Drawers allow more efficient use of space, and they can be designed for different purposes. They can also help in making your kitchen more organized as they can compartmentalize items. If you intend to store pots and pans, a deep drawer will be perfect, and for storing dishes and utensils, shallow drawers would be ideal. Organizing cabinets and drawers are essential to a functional and uncluttered kitchen.

Toe kick drawers are another space maximizing solution, adding storage in what normally would be unused space. They are thin and flat and will not distract from your kitchen’s design. Don’t let limited space stop you from having the kitchen of your dreams. Ask your kitchen remodeling experts for more ideas on how to maximize storage for a stylish and uncluttered space.

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