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Carpenter Roles on a Construction SiteThere are many carpenter roles on a construction site for remodeling or reconstructing an office building or building a new home. These roles include everything from a General Contractor, Architect, Estimator, Electrician and Supervisor. In this blog post, we will talk about a few of the construction roles and what their job duties include. We discuss the role of a general carpenter, form carpenter and interior carpenter to a drywall, flooring and roofing installers.

General Carpenter

A General Carpenter works with many tools and materials. They are skilled to build residential homes, remodel office buildings, and commercial and retail remodeling. They are one of the oldest and most respected trades.

Form Carpenter

A Form Carpenter must have the carpentry skills used to form concrete. They also frame and align beams, scaffolding, walls, columns, decks, roofs, stairs, floors and more.

Interior Carpenter

An Interior Carpenter assembles complex interior systems from floors to ceilings. It involves the installation of a variety of factory-produced systems and construction materials in commercial buildings and public structures.

Drywall Installer

A Drywall Installer is responsible for the layout the construction site and attaches metal studs to hang the drywall. Drywallers make sure that all the work meets fire safety requirements.

Insulation Installer

The Insulation Installer installs fiberglass or foam insulation in the walls and ceilings of new homes, offices, and buildings. Insulation Installers use fire-resistant materials in buildings to meet fire codes.

Flooring Installer

A Flooring Installer installs carpeting, hardwood flooring, tile, vinyl and subfloors for commercial and residential projects. They work from the specifications of architects and interior designers. They are proficient in inlaid designs for residential, commercial and institutional.

Roofing Installer

A Roofer install shingles and other materials needed to protect the interior of buildings, homes, and commercial properties. They install and maintain roofs being covered with asphalt or other materials that encompass a very broad spectrum of shingle types and styles.

Siding Installer

A Siding Installer will measure, saw, level, and install all types of siding and soffit materials on the exteriors of homes and commercial buildings.


Specialty Carpenter Roles 


Cabinetmakers cut, shape and assemble wood products, including moldings, panels and furniture. They also fabricate store fixtures, which includes the use of metal, plastics and glass. Cabinetmakers use a variety of machinery, including power saws, planers, joiners and shapers. They create the woodwork and cabinetry commonly found in shopping malls, banks, hotels, office buildings, and custom homes.

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