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You must consider a great number of choices for office design. Every design aspect of your office should play a large role in benefiting the employees and customers, as well. With the proper blueprint, your office design can grant you great success; from investing in good quality furniture to having mother nature’s greatest gift, plants. Spending good money for high-quality merchandise will grant great profit to you, your employees, and business. When attitudes and morals are high, sales will be high as well.


office designFive Office Design Tips

1. Eliminate Artificial light, and Go Natural. Nature is beautiful. Embrace nature by simply applying natural lighting in the office, invest in large windows that’ll make artificial lighting obsolete.

There are great health, work, and personal benefits that come from using natural sunlight. In fact, natural light improves moods, reduces stress and positively impacts circadian system functioning. Natural light also improves creativity in humans, more workers in offices with natural elements, such as greenery and sunlight were found to be 15% more creative.

When an office design is in the process, natural sunlight is a top element in the workplace design. Also, you never have to worry about not getting enough Vitamin D. Daylight supports the regulation of not only Vitamin D, but serotonin and melatonin as well. It also promotes healthy eye development. So, when deciding on lighting in your office, consider going natural.

2. Add Mother Nature’s Greatest Gift! Plants. Mother nature will be the superstar of designing your office space, with not only adding natural lighting but implementing plants, to your workspace as well.

The benefits of introducing plants to the office will greatly improve the work performance of the employees in that office. Plants not only reduces stress, but helps boost productivity, keeps and maintains clean air, boost creativity, and makes the office more interestingly attractive to job applicants. Plants are underrated, however extremely beneficial to one’s health, job performance, and attitude. Improve your office design from the average off by adding plants.

3. Good Quality Furniture. When designing your office, obviously budgeting will be the key deciding factor on what to implement. But put that aside for a moment, and place above budgeting, comfort. Not only comfort but proper aesthetic as well.

Consider investing most of the budget into furniture and aesthetically pleasing colors. Add vibrant colors anywhere you can around the office, as it’ll bring great enthusiasm to employees.

Another brilliant investment would be dividing the office into two separate areas. The first of the two areas would be strictly designed for improving work performance and attitudes; create the office in a way to where it’s divided and balanced out. Design a professional environment, for workers who are looking to positively hammer down solely on their work. The second half of the office would be based on comfort and socialization. This specific area should consist of comfortably laid out furniture that’ll not only grant relaxation to the employees; having such furniture, will increase productivity, motivate workers, and create a “homey” feel as well.

4. Room Scents. Just like having vibrant colors and adding plants to the office, the smell around you is just as important.

Your daily oxygen intake and the smell of it is crucial to work performance. A good smelling office can transform your mood and productivity. It can do wonders for your well-being, and can also grant you ultimate relaxation.

According to, there are 5 powerful scents that could drastically improve mental and work performance:

• Rosemary – is credited with helping clear thinking, improving memory and energizing your mind
• Jasmine – can ease tension and nerves
• Citrus – offers positive health benefits
• Grapefruit – can help mental exhaustion, lemon is uplifting, orange can ease stress, and bergamot oil is even used to treat depression
• Lavender – offers a very calming scent, lavender relieves stress and reduces anxiety
• Peppermint – smells are energizing and refreshing. Peppermint is said to aid concentration and stimulation to the mind

A business should consider using scents for the office as it is cheap and very effective.

office design5. Food and Beverages. The reality of eating food is that you are what you eat. Eating unhealthy offers little to no benefits, as it’ll greatly negatively affect your mood; poor eating choices will affect your work performance, which in turn will translate into little revenue due to the attitudes of the employees. The concept of this is similar to the domino effect. According to Wikipedia, the domino effect is produced when one event sets off a chain of similar events. So, when you decide to buy potato chips, danishes, and other sugary treats. Consider thinking of the domino effect, as eating unhealthy will make you feel unhealthy.

Replace sugary snacks, with fruit, nuts, unsweetened yogurt, and hummus and crackers. Consider adding a water cooler in your lunch room to replace bottled water. It’s cheaper and some coolers dispense cold and hot water. Hot water can be used for drinks and soups for those cold days. 


Benefits of a Good Office Design

Dive in the mindset of providing an environment that benefits everyone. The mindset that focuses in on improving the attitudes of workers; implementing appliances and mother nature’s greatest most powerful gifts to us humans. Plants and natural lighting! Valuing the employee’s feelings and emotions will pay off greatly.


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