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Office renovations are often challenging. It is a huge undertaking for a working office. Businesses make renovations to their office for a number of reasons, and the remodeling contractor must understand the particular reasons behind a project. Office renovations involve modifications to the interior of a building and can be minor or a major renovation of the space.

Keep Communication Open with Your Remodeling Contractor

Remodeling ContractorIf the business is renting its office space, the renovations become tenant improvements. The remodeling contractor may have to deal with the building owner and you, the office tenant, depending on the lease. It is always important for the contractor to keep in close communication with both parties.

Schedule a meeting with a few staff members and the remodeling contractor to discuss the office renovations plan to eliminate any concerns. It’s also a good idea to let your employees get involved with the renovation before construction starts. Ask them what design ideas they have or would like to see implemented. We recommend creating a detailed communication plan to keep everyone up-to-date on the renovation plans and work schedule. Budget and schedule are critical for office renovations.

Remember that during an office renovation, employee productivity can be impacted. Once construction is underway, give your staff updates and periodic tours so they’re kept in the loop and feel appreciated. Feeling appreciated is important, especially with millennials.

It’s Business as Usual

An important consideration of office renovation projects is whether or not business operations are to continue as usual during construction. When employees are present, the business and contractor should discuss additional safety precautions. Various working arrangements are possible. You could move your employees to another room or space. Some contractors will work on the renovations in the late afternoon or after working hours. In any case, noise and dust can be an issue. To help counter construction noises and dust, you may recommend to your employees that they wear noise-canceling headphones, or let them work from home for a while.

Chicago Remodeling Contractor

Albrite Building is a Chicago area remodeling contractor. We have worked with hundreds of businesses in the Chicago region renovating their offices. Albrite Building is cost conscious, deadline oriented, and has a solid reputation for quality work. 

The success of Albrite Building is built on our long-standing commitment to hard work, quality service, effective communication, and to ensure our work is delivered on time and on budget. From pre-renovation to post-renovation, we provide our clients with the highest quality office remodeling services.

If your business is looking to remodel an office space, contact us for a free estimate or call 630.655.9436. We invite you to visit our office renovations photo gallery.

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