Office Redesign during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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As businesses reopen, social distancing rules and office redesign will lead to several changes for businesses. There’s much more than just putting up screens and disinfecting the office. Small and large companies will be forced to rethink how they use the office. And more importantly, how to keep their employees safe.

What employers need right now is going to be very different from what they may need in eight weeks or a year from now. Next year an office may need a complete redesign.

Businesses looking to bring employees back to the office should utilize best practices to keep their workforce safe. The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) recommends:
– Return employees gradually, not all at once
– Implement Health Screenings
– Temperature Checks
– Disinfect and Clean Workspaces
– Promote Social Distancing


What Office Redesign and Policies Can You Do Now?

You may want to consider installing more sophisticated air filtration and HVAC systems to purge air on a nightly basis.

Hand-sanitizer stations could be set up at various points throughout the office.

Anything that could become a hot point of contact among workers (buttons, door handles) would need to be rendered touchless throughout the workspace.

Office Redesign during the COVID-19

Traffic flow through the office should be considered. An open floor plan would inherently be social-distancing-friendly. Diseases can easily be transmitted through dense office spaces.

Workstations may have to be farther apart and you may have to add partitions. Workers will also have to make sure their desk is clear of clutter and personal items every day so that cleaning crews have ample time to conduct a rigorous wipe-down.

Conference-room density may have to be cut down, with chairs spaced 6 feet apart.

Some businesses might opt for prepackaged snacks and food for their kitchen or breakroom, and stagger shifts and breaks.

Here’s a list of strategies to help keep your office and employees safe.


Office Renovations

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