Expand you Living Space with an Outdoor Deck

Do you utilize your outdoor living space? Would you want a backyard where you can socialize, relax, and eat with friends and family on an outdoor deck? You'll need to hire a contractor to build it.   Hiring a Deck Contractor You need to set a budget so you know precisely how much you can afford. A few things you'll want to consider when planning a deck: Deck Size – Grab a tape measure and measure your space. It will also give the contractor a clear idea of the scope of the project from the start. Deck Materials – Pressure-treated wood used to be the only choice for an outdoor deck. But the variety of materials available today gives you more options. Pressure-treated wood is still a popular choice, but…
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Custom Deck Ideas for Your Backyard

Are you in the market for a custom deck of your dreams? Custom decks can range from simple designs to elaborate, multi-tiered custom designs with a fire pit, water fountain, and seating. A custom deck can make a wonderful addition to any outdoor living space. And it can increase the value of a home.   Deck Railing A good place to start when considering custom deck options is the railing. You could add a curved design with aluminum piping with wood for a modern look. Or you could choose standard wooden slats.   Deck Benches Benches are a popular custom deck feature. They are resourceful and easy to install. Adding built-in planters is another option, they add color and life to your surroundings.   Accessorize your Custom Deck Deck lights…
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