Thanksgiving: Giving Thanks to our Clients, Families, and Friends

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Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and give thanks to our customers, our employees, our friends, our families, and our community, without whom none of this would have been possible. Wishing you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.


Giving ThanksWe are Thankful for our Clients

This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for all our clients and want to share our genuine appreciation with you. Without you, we would not be where we are today, and we’re so thankful for all of your support throughout the year. We hope you have a joyous Thanksgiving and holiday season, and we look forward to serving you again.


We are Thankful for our Staff

We are thankful for all our employees and everything you have done for our business this year. All of your hard work and dedication have helped us reach so many of our company-wide goals for 2022. During this Thanksgiving holiday, we want to make sure you know how much you’re appreciated as a member of our team and how much we value you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones and we can’t wait to see what our team can accomplish together in 2023.


We are Thankful for our Friends

We are thankful for our friends who have supported us throughout the years. As the Golden Girls would say, “Thank you for being a friend”.


We are Thankful for our Family

We are thankful for all of our families. A family is your joy, wisdom, kindness, and strength. They have carried you through good times and bad times. There’s no bond stronger than family. A family is a priceless gift, greater than anything we can imagine, and we thank them for this Thanksgiving week.


Happy Thanksgiving from Albrite Building

The entire staff at Albrite Building wishes our customers, family, and friends and very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!