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Master CarpenterA master carpenter is a woodworking professional who has obtained the highest certification in the carpentry industry. A master carpenter spends many years working as a journeyman and an apprentice before he is eligible to become a master carpenter. The requirements a master carpenter must meet before attaining this level of certification can vary by region. All candidates will need to develop skills specific to the industry and demonstrate a capacity to teach carpentry skills.

The path to become a master carpenter starts when they are at least 18 years old. They begin by taking an entry-level position with a carpenter or on a construction crew. They apply for eligibility to become an apprentice, and if they are accepted to an apprenticeship program, they will spend four to five years learning the skills necessary to pass the certification exams. Before the carpenter can become a master carpenter, he will spend years working as a journeyman carpenter.

A journeyman carpenter is a full-time worker who can complete most carpentry jobs. He will continually develop new skills and become familiar with all aspects of the carpentry industry. The length of time during which a carpenter must remain a journeyman can vary, but it is typically four to ten years. The journeyman must also become a licensed contractor.

Once the journeyman has spent a significant amount of time as a carpenter, he can apply for master carpenter status. This is usually done with the carpenter’s union, and the specific requirements can vary by region. Some requirements include the carpenter show that he has taught apprentices, has completed jobs over a certain dollar amount, and has accomplished various achievements in the carpentry field.

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